Be Excellent, at What is Good. Be innocent, of Evil. (Romans 16:19)

We are an old building, on an old building site, in an old community, in an old city.

Everything about us speaks our age. We should be tired. Quiet. Ready to have a nap.

Except…we are not. Old, tired, ready for a nap.

Instead we are ready to carry on. To get at what we are about. Which is simply, and utterly, to do as we have been invited to do.

To live life well. To take on the challenge offered to us, and to say yes, as a community. Yes, we can. We can, and will, live life well. We will, through the strength we discover in this Jesus Christ in whose name we gather, seek to be excellent at what is good, and to be innocent of evil.

We know we will mess up sometimes. We know we don’t always get it right. But we have made the decision to keep on trying nonetheless. And it is in the trying that we discover the opportunity, and the joy, of the journey.

The journey of pushing forward. Towards a goal which is bigger than we could have possibly imagined for ourselves. But is what He has intended for us from the very beginning.

To be like Him. Through Jesus Christ. His Son. And our Lord.

We would love it if you joined us on this journey.

Do give us a ring, or drop in or continue looking through this website to find out a little more.

In the meantime, may His blessing be upon you.


Fr. Haynes and St. Mark’s Church

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